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R2K consistently places in the top 5 cars.

First Place Wins

September 7, 2002

Our first, first place win!  Banks (Rod's brother) drove the car tonight.  Rod has had a cold, and Bank's 15 yr. old son Chad was out there in a car, so Banks was the logical choice to go.  He did a great job and the trophy is wonderful.  The purse was $200 (which they split of course).

We've had 4 - third place wins this year.  The Volkswagen is doing much better since they got the carburetor problems and the "camber"? set right.  The two new tires Rod bought last week are probably the biggest factor in this first place win!

Sept 29 02 Banks Georgia State Championship Dash for Cash

November 23, 02 Rodney 1st place, 1st win ever

March 29, 03 Rodney

April 5, 03 Rodney 1st

May 29, 04 Banks

July 17 04  Chad's first ever win


Many Third Place Wins and Numerous Fourth and Fifth












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