John is known as "Rodney" to his friends, and he has a great story to tell. 

At 52, he never thought he'd be behind the wheel of his own race car.  Just two years ago, doctors were about to give him up for dead because of throat cancer.  He had a large, advanced tumor in the larynx.

John was a sniper in Vietnam for 2 yrs., with the 25th, (4th and 9th) Manchus.  He was wounded and stricken with double malaria.  During a heavy firefight a helicopter was trying to extract his men from the battle area.  The gunner in the helicopter had been killed and the whole group was going down.  John climbed into the helicopter, pulled the dead man's body aside and began raining bullets down on the enemy, giving them enough cover to rescue the remainder of his platoon.  If the malaria hadn't hit when it did, sending him stateside, the paperwork would have been completed for the purple heart medal.  

Cancer is a little different than an enemy soldier with a rifle.  There is no way to defend yourself against something that attacks from within.  John knew he needed help from On High, so he went to church before he went to the doctors. 

First you have to know that John hadn't been a churchgoer.  He wasn't completely sure there was a God, but as he walked to the front of the New Life Christian Center in Albany Georgia, he prayed with all his heart and soul that God would be there, and He'd intervene.

When the pastor, Stan Glass, reached out to lay hands on him for prayer, something happened that John never expected.  God laid John out on the floor in the Spirit.  He said he was awake and aware of everything, but completely paralyzed for several minutes, feeling as if electricity was shooting through his body.  When he was able to stand up again, the lump and pain were gone and he had his voice partially restored! 

We knew God was there and He was listening!  We went to war.  Literal war against an invisible enemy.  We were armed with prayer verses, church tapes, and a determination to believe and have enough faith to see it to victory.  We already knew God was going to move but how and when was uncertain.

John decided to take the chemo and radiation treatments for 6 weeks and agreed that if the tumor hadn't shrunk by 3 weeks into the treatment, the doctors could remove his larynx.

He never lost any hair, never got sick.  We prayed and fought, and at 3 weeks when they did a CT scan to see how the tumor was responding, the doctors were (and still are) amazed, the cancer was completely gone!  No sign of ever having had it!  It's been 2 years since the healing and there is no sign of any.  We give the credit to Jesus and want to help others who are facing the invisible enemy find help from God too.

But John wasn't just healed of cancer.  He was delivered from alcoholism and cigarettes at the same time.  It's because of this healing miracle that John races now.  It never would have been possible with the life he led before.

Now EVERY race is a victory, and a testament to the goodness of a wonderful savior who is REAL, ALIVE, and who WANTS you to be healed! 

No matter what position John finishes the race in, he's always the winner.  He just loves to race!

New Life Christian Center, Pastor Stan Glass
Hwy 19, (Liberty Expressway) South,
Albany, GA, 1 mile south of the highway patrol station and on the same side of the road.
All races and ages welcome!  Come expecting a miracle!

If you or someone you know is going through a major illness, and you would like us to join with you in prayer, or pass on the Bible verses we used, or just be there as a friend, please email John at   We'd be honored to assist you in any way we can!

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